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Smartboxx is a division of CamdenBoss ltd.

Plastic handheld housing

Push button switches, an acrylic display window, battery access and a label recess are all accurately CNC machined features  in this control / transmitter housing.


Ordered in multiple variants and irregularly in small batches, our tooling free process was ideally suited. A mould tool was too expensive, off the shelf boxes were seen as both; not cost effective when the additional machining costs were taken into account and didn't offer the product any uniqueness.

Instead, by ‘designing in’ the functionality required and producing fabricated plastic enclosures; we offer the ability to have a handheld device produced in varying quantities, within budget constraints and exact to our customer's set specification.


Manufactured from

3mm Black High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and

3mm Red-Tint Acrylic

Product size

W: 60mm  D: 110mm  H: 28mm

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