IP54 rated custom enclosure

We are often approached and asked for an enclosure that will set our customers apart from their competitors - this product's unique style and function was definitely no exception!

In this instance our in-house design engineers were issued a specification for IP54 rated internal components and given sets of connector layouts. The brief was for ‘anything but a standard off the shelf box’.

Initially finished in a dull grey to assess reaction to the enclosure’s form and function. After some easily implemented design alterations were made, the pre-production batch changed colour to a bright red and benefited from screen printing. Bright yellow and green colour variants were also produced to suit different applications.

All of our custom enclosure solutions are available manufactured to the exact size and IP rated to your project requirements. Connector and indicator cut outs can be positioned, along with viewing windows to suit the demands of the application.

Manufactured from

15mm Black HDPE, 6mm Black Flame Retardant ABS,

3mm Composite Material in various colour options and Vac-formed top assembly

Product size

W: 400mm  D: 250mm  H: 1,250mm

Quote ref: 1211

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