Smartboxx design and manufacture plastic fabricated enclosures whilst achieving IP ratings up to IP67, from CCTV systems to bird boxes to external control boxes - you name it we’ve done it.

With each bespoke enclosure manufactured by our team at Smartboxx, we can ensure they are ready to face the extreme conditions they are put into when they leave our factory in Norfolk. Choose from our UV resistant plastics, aluminium composites or even include metal chassis or cover panels to ensure your enclosure is perfectly suited to its environment. Our team at Smartboxx will design and manufacture your enclosure achieving the required IP rating and your products unique style and function.

Browse some of our bespoke IP rated enclosure projects that we've worked on for customers by clicking the links below.

Waterproof IP67 plastic custom enclosure

This waterproof camera project had very specific design criteria; we had to meet set application and functional requirements...

IP67 ABS custom enclosure

This robust telemetry and control housing design was created using our tool free process...

Weatherproof IP66 mounted custom enclosure

A bespoke enclosure solution was produced with a large inlayed product logo to attract marketing attention...

IP54 rated custom

We are often approached and asked for an enclosure that will set our customers apart from their competition - this product's unique style and function was definitely no exception!

Plastic IP65 rated custom enclosure

This custom plastic enclosure solution provided the ease of assembly and servicing demanded by our customer’s application...