Custom interactive
projector enclosure

Our brief was to create something to stand out against the competitors, satisfying a stylish product but also to entertain functionality above all, accommodating all of the vital components.

What is the WIZEFLOORGO?

The WizefloorGO is an interactive experience that uses the most innovative cameras on the market to project games and applications onto the floor, providing an alternative to conventional learning. The projection is fully interactive in a sense that the movements and actions of a player can be picked up and processed but the mobile unit, reacting to reactions.

No physical installation is required to use the WizefloorGO allowing it to be freely moved between classrooms and wards, schools and hospitals. The height at which it operates is adjustable electronically and therefore recognises its surroundings and adapts to this. The self-calibration system can quickly pick up on the size of the area that it should project onto and does so, ensuring an accurate projection every time.

What is the benefit of the WIZEFLOORGO?

This brilliant piece of engineering encourages children to
work together to overcome the challenges presented. With
ands on engagement, children are met with a range of educational games to help improve their literacy and numeracy capabilities. Fundamentally, WizefloorGO has provided children the aspect of education from a new angle, with a fun and unique approach. As the world becomes more electronically equipped, is there any better way to use our knowledge if not for learning and development?

Speaking with the teachers who have come face to face with the WizefloorGo they have said that the alternative to textbook learning methods has positively impacted the children’s concentration and enthusiasm for learning.

Year 4:

“My class absolutely love the WizeFloor and want to take part in all the activities. They love the general concept and the fact they have never used anything like it before.”

Year 1 and 2:

“Improved their concentration. Ensured that they were consolidating their sounds in a range of ways. Sparked interest for many of the boys.  Improved their enthusiasm and motivation. A great reward tool for good learning and behaviour.

The children could use this at least once a day for either literacy, numeracy (oral/mental starters), small group work. IMPORTANT TOOL.”

Not only has this innovation proved successful in schools but also in hospitals. To help encourage unwell children out of their beds and into the territory that is learning. Doctors have reviewed that happy and stimulated children are noticed to recover or improve far more quickly. Hospitals can, as we all know, be a dreary place and even more so for children who simply want to be exactly that, children. The WizefloorGO provides a solution to ensure sociability skills are built with the other children on the ward but more importantly, education can continue to thrive, stimulating their brains at a crucial age.

The WizefloorGO is more than just a projector; it’s an educator, a friend, a saviour.

Concept to market

Ultimately, the project needed to stand out against the competitors, satisfying a stylish product but also to entertain functionality above all, accommodating all of the vital components.

Osbourne technologies where familiar with the Smartboxx process having previously designed an emersary/sensory trolley enclosure, on a much larger scale. It went without saying that this would be a job for Smartboxx UK. Their previous project was designed to captivate the user unto a digital environment such a rain forest. This was carried out by stimulated the user’s senses with sound, music, lighting and projections relating to the environment’s characteristics. With this level of complexity already achieved, the WizefloorGO seemed a more… simple project.

The first stages of the project where discussed between Smartboxx’s Tom Parr, who is our Northern Area Sales Manager and Osbourne technologies. Tom takes every opportunity to meet with the customer and prides himself on being the ‘helpful guy’ portraying excellently Smartboxx as a whole.

Tom showcased the capabilities of Smartboxx and discussed previous experiences that encouraged Osbourne Technologies that their project was best safe in our hands. After a successful visit, Tom returned to Smartboxx with a wooden box and the vital components that would one day make the WizefloorGO become alive. The projector being one of these parts. Now in the hands of our design engineers an enclosure with exciting style was produced, prototypes where created and then eventually full-scale manufacture.


If you have a project similar to this or would like to discuss your own idea confidentially, please feel free to get in touch with our sales team to arrange a visit.

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