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A custom enclosure solution to house and protect the 100’s of PCB’s that would make this fantastic display work


Who are Humans since 1982?

Creators of exceptional works of art and innovator of the ‘A million times’ clockwork design. In their own words Humans since 1982 explain:

“Humans since 1982 defy easy categorisation. Their provocative sculptures and experiential installations are driven by a shared curiosity and desire to make sense of the world.

Signatures within their practice include the elevation and subversion of everyday objects including clocks, smartphones and surveillance equipment, visual puns and the pursuit of obtaining the unobtainable. With equal parts playfulness and meticulous process, industrially produced objects are liberated from their administrative functions to become visually engaging and technically challenging artworks”


What were this projects goals?

Humans since 1982 set out to design their biggest ‘A million times’ display yet with the help of CamdenBoss’ custom fabricated enclosures. Their job? protect their PCB’s from dust.

“How time designs and how to design time?”


Using typography, the clock hands are relieved from their conventional role of following a clockwise movement. Manipulating the way, a clock would normally work or Metaphorically controlling the symbol of time.

Displayed in Changi airport, Singapore, the clocks do not follow the hour and minute hand as they normally would, but instead stop when they like and sometimes go backwards. Humans since 1982 turned them to rhythmic art.

Whilst producing elegant shapes in perfect synchronisation, the wall of hands accurately tells the time. Together they make up one of the biggest kinetic artwork pieces in the world. At 7.5 metre amplitude its face is wider than that of London’s, Big Ben.


Concept to market

Humans since 1982 came to us one thing in mind. A custom enclosure solution to house and protect the 100’s of PCB’s that would make this fantastic display work. From start to finish our design engineers supported and discussed the requirements of the project; and with the initial design specifications understood, set to work on the custom housing.

Design changes were made to address improvements and evidently, in the end, our client was left satisfied.