Development process

Undertaking four simple steps, we support our customers throughout the development of their custom plastic enclosures; ensuring a seamless transition from initial consultation, detail CAD-CAM work, prototyping and into volume production. 


Below is a summary of these four development steps, detailing the advantage of our development process against each:

1. Consultation and quotation

Consultation blue.png

No salespeople!  Your specification defined directly with our design engineers.  Ensuring all functional and aesthetic requirements of your enclosure are met, whilst being fit for manufacture.  Presenting a confirmed development cost and guide quotation for production.

2. Design and development

Design and development blue.png

Advanced 3D CAD-CAM system and flexible design process, to partner your project from any start point and throughout every stage of its development.  With 3D models and 2D drawings produced for feedback and adjustments prior to final design sign-off.

3. Prototyping

NEW Prototyping Icon blue.png

Quick turn around prototypes enable you to gets yours hands on a physical example, where any last minute design changes can be made and flaws ironed out.

4. Volume production

NEW Volume Production Icon blue.png

Once you are happy with the design and have signed of the prototype, volume production can proceed in batches flexible to your demand.