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Smartboxx is a division of CamdenBoss ltd.

Heavy duty plastic enclosure

As strong as a standard metal extrusion, with the aesthetics and custom fit of a fabricated plastic enclosure.

Vigorously tested for durability, this heavy duty enclosure passed everything that was thrown at it. Using stock UL Listed ABS, this customer launched their product to market in a reduced time and with low development cost – both of which are associated with our no mould tool technology.  

We developed design features not available from an off-the-shelf alternative, provided a stackable robust solution. Now produced in batches between 25 – 200 cases, on-going development has produced a further four variants.

Using colour coded seals and screen printing services, this enclosures unique style fitted well alongside the customer's existing branding.

Manufactured from

4mm and 6mm Black UL-V0 Listed ABS

4mm Clear Acrylic (LED window)

Product size

W: 106mm  D: 108mm  H: 81mm

W: 106mm  D: 108mm  H: 44mm

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