Custom vehicle charging enclosure

Whilst developing this custom vehicle charging enclosure, we set out to accommodate our customer’s component layout and build procedures whilst ensuring all regulatory requirements were met. Liaising with material suppliers resulted in additional UV resistance being ‘batched in’. New methods allowed a fixed gasket which is UL94 V0 compliant whilst being CNC controlled.

Our design engineers built in features including cable entry ‘knockouts’ and a modular approach, providing the ability to select differing display components. The display area is protected by a polycarbonate panel, ensuring IP and impact resistance in the harsh working environment specified. 

We’re showing a generic finish, the design team are able to utilise their branding skills to apply digital printed ‘logos’ and part numbers. The addition of an LED back illuminated logo is represented by the CamdenBoss graphic.

Our team are always aware that the product needs to allow quick installation methods and this has been achieved with a two-part design allowing fixing and wiring connections followed by a simple fixing of the cover.

Two variants are in production, in areas where high ambient temperatures can be experienced. Additional heat sink features can be included in the same enclosure design, reducing stock commitments.

Manufactured from

UV resistant UL94 V0 listed ABS

Product size

W: 300 H: 240mm

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