It's in the production of carts and trolleys where the boundaries of flat sheet plastic design have been explored furthest so far.


Education sector customers use a pre-built modular manufacturing facility via our Nuwco subsidiary. Charge and data sync carts are produced in as little as 3 working days from receipt of order in a wide range of SKUs.


The research and medical research industry is now utilising the ModBOXX system following its general release offering an extensive array of configurable modules. ModBOXX lab trolleys allow the same facility to be reconfigured to suit demand and a offers a huge rage of hardware options.


Trolleys and carts are be built for specific purposes including instrumentation trolleys with the ‘in cart’ space allowing for 19” rack fixings housing data logging systems and ancillary devices.

Nuwco ESD Trolley range profile picture.
ESD trolley range
ABS 3 drawer medical trolley
Plastic laptop charging trolley
Plastic Modboxx lab cart
ABS surgical trolley


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