Custom plastic instrument enclosure

Whilst developing this custom medical instrument enclosure, our customer’s desire for their device to have its own unique identity was paramount. Smartboxx achieved this by using plastic matched to their corporate colour, bespoke product sizing and variable faceted panels.

This product has been constructed with a removable top shell, front and back panels – for ease of access and assembly of internal components. This construction is similar to many instrument cases, but using our tooling free process meant the electronics and overall size of the product did not have to compromised to fit into a standard box.

With no restriction on quantity, Smartboxx was able to deliver an initial prototype, followed by small batches for field trials, prior to volume production.  Which provided a vigorously tested product fit for market all with minimal development costs.


Manufactured from

3mm Grey, 4mm White, 6mm colour matched Light-Blue

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and

3mm Black smoked Acrylic.

Product size

W: 200mm  D: 192mm  H: 50mm

Quote ref: 3113

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