Custom plastic DIN Rail enclosure

Design specifications don’t get clearer than this customer’s: “We don’t want another generic DIN Rail enclosure, which we have to try making our electronics fit into”.  With no mould tools, our fabrication process was selected with great anticipation.

This slimline and clip together design, with integral DIN Rail channel and clip, was developed after the PCBs were finalised.  With our process offering no restriction on quantity, within weeks of prototypes being signed off, initial field trial batches of 10 enclosures were produced.  Thereafter, scheduled batches of 200 enclosures were manufactured, against a larger overall order.

Images shown here are branded with our own DINboxx logo to maintain client confidentiality.  This enclosure has been further developed, using our flexible in-house design service to create different variants of the same design, producing a unique range of products.


Manufactured from

3mm Black & Light-Grey High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)

Product Size

W: 250mm   D: 2180mm   H: 36mm

Quote ref: 3112

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