Using our no mould tool process to develop your medical device enclosures offers you design flexibility at every stage of the development of your product. From initial concept and manufacture of your full working prototype, through design validation and into pre-production batches before volume manufacturing, a Smartboxx enclosure enables you to remain in control.


By making use of a custom fabricated enclosure and stock materials which include; UL listed and antimicrobial  ABS, our customers achieve reduced time to market alongside the cost savings associated with tooling free technology.


Browse some examples of our bespoke medical enclosure projects that we've worked on for customers. From benchtop, instrumentation to beauty therapy projects and touchless devices, all products have been built with their own unique style and function.  

Custom plastic medical enclosure

This custom plastic enclosure was designed, prototyped and manufactured using our tool free fabrication process...

Custom medical compressor enclosure

This project was brought quickly to market, achieved using our fabricated enclosure process...

Custom plastic table top enclosure

This complete plastic enclosure solution was designed by the customer to sit on a ‘bench top’ in a medical environment...

Custom portable medical enclosure

A customer requiring a robust enclosure for medical electronics and pneumatic equipment presented its own challenges...

Custom medical device enclosure

The design of a medical device can change throughout the product’s lifespan; it needs to take into account differing compliance requirements and advances in technology..