Custom industrial IP67 handheld enclosure

Built to be utilised in a tough industrial application, this handheld case had to protect a circuit board from ingress and mechanical damage, requiring a custom enclosure solution.


By having prototypes manufactured with differing gasket seals, our customer could assess the enclosure with minimal development costs, before third part testing. The specified IP67 rating was then achieved.

This method of enclosure manufacture is both cost effective and fast to design and prototype, offering a rapid time-to-market. Product branding options with label recesses and engraving are inexpensive to include, during our in-house fabricated enclosure process.


Manufactured from

6mm Black, Red and Light-Grey High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)

Product size

W: 190mm  D: 120mm  H: 16mm

Quote ref: 1207

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