Smartboxx have years of experience in manufacturing robust custom enclosures, offering strength and rigidity to safely house your electronics and internal components in industrial environments.


Our tool free process guarantees that we can offer minimal development costs and a rapid time to market; ensuring a flexible and cost effective solution. Our custom enclosure projects can be designed to specific IP ratings, safeguarding your enclosure from most conditions. Our fire retardant ABS stock material is the perfect choice for high power and oil based environments.  


Why not browse examples of our bespoke industrial enclosures that we've produced for customers. Some have been created with a metal internal chassis to really add to the robustness of the enclosure. 

Custom heavy duty ABS plastic enclosure

Our customer required an enclosure which was as strong as a standard metal extrusion, with the aesthetics and custom fit of a fabricated plastic enclosure...

Custom industrial IP67 handheld enclosure

Built to be utilised in a tough industrial application, this handheld enclosure had to protect a circuit board from ingress and mechanical damage, requiring a custom enclosure solution...

Lightweight industrial custom cladding

Smartboxx were tasked with producing a robust and lightweight cladding panel to suit a portable compressor....

Custom medical machinery enclosure

This custom designed machinery enclosure was used to house an industrial sized medical oxygen concentrator. It was critical that our process has no restriction on size..

Custom industrial portable enclosure

This custom industrial enclosure was designed to create a portable enclosure suitable for use in an industrial environment. Gain inspiration your next industrial enclosure with a your portable enclosure project