Custom floor standing kiosk

We’ve designed and manufactured in Norfolk, a wide range of kiosks for POS (point of sale), information display and control applications.


This example is a floor standing control station, mounting an off-the-shelf GUI (Graphic User Interface) for an industrial scale medical gas plant. Flexible and cost effective variants produced for the same application have included: cut outs for e-stops, status indicators and ‘dual screen’ units.


By designing and fabricating enclosures to suit panel PC’s, GUI’s and HMI’s without tooling we can offer a fast, flexible solution. This is key when packaged systems are required by machine builders and display screen manufacturers. 


Our customer oriented approach has resulted in us also securing volume production  orders for sheet metal kiosk, based on plastic designs and prototypes.

Manufactured from

6mm Black ABS and 3mm Composite material

Product size

W: 400mm  D: 300mm  H: 1,050mm

Quote ref: 2476

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