Custom desktop printer enclosure

As an ancillary product sold alongside desktop instrumentation, this custom enclosure needed to deliver both cost effective product development and economical batch manufacturing.

Whilst appearance wasn’t specified as the most critical feature, a square off-the-shelf box wouldn’t do.  This custom enclosure solution was thus designed to match closely to our customer's existing product range.

A clear acrylic viewing window and easy access for changing the printer roll were vital. Options were assessed whilst still obtaining a quick turnaround on design and prototyping, obtaining a rapid time to market, in readiness for our customer's exhibition launch.

Manufactured from

3mm & 4mm Black High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and

3mm clear anti-scratch acrylic

Product size

W: 150mm  D: 230mm  H: 120mm

Quote ref: 1633

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