Coating your product

Specific industries and applications demand varying product protection and our flexible service allows us to deliver to all of these.  Ensuring your enclosure is compliant to EMC or RFI, protected from UV or delivers bespoke branding through wet-spray colour options. 


Below are details for our most frequently utilised coating processes:

Shielding Enclosures (RFI/EMC)

Plastic enclosures’ natural advantage of not shielding RF makes them ideal for many applications.  However, when required we can shield our plastic enclosures against EMC and RFI, by applying a conductive coating to the internals.  Dependant on application; the flat sheet can be pre-sprayed or specific areas of the fabricated enclosure post-sprayed – ensuring continuity around all joins and machined tongues/grooves. Our design engineers will work with you throughout the design process to ensure your electronics achieve their required protection.  


Wet Spray Coatings

Where batch quantities make our offering of match-coloured material non-viable, we offer alternatively wet paint spraying of our custom enclosures as a cost effective solution.  This coating process is available in almost any colour, providing you with a uniquely branded product.  For external applications with high exposure to sun-light (UV rays), we would also recommend coating your enclosure, to ensure a long product life.

Laminated Material

‘Out of the ordinary’ finishes can be achieved by laminating our plastic materials, producing patterns or appearances such as; woodgrain, chrome, marble, floral and metalized. This process can be applied cost effectively to both prototypes and volume production.  This has already been used to provide standout product designs, adapted perfectly for applications as diverse as bird boxes to decorative point of information stands.

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