Branding your enclosure

Unique product identity is critical in a competitive market – our fully customisable process enables you achieve unique product branding of your enclosure.  With various methods to choose from, finding the right solution for your enclosure is both cost effective and a seamless process.


Below are details for some of the most commonly used branding techniques:


Digital printing

Digital printing is the method of printing; full colour from a digital-based file, directly to a variety of materials. This process is most cost effective and recommended when your artwork includes multiple colours.  While the unit prices may be marginally more expensive than screen print, the initial setup costs are lower. This process enables you to print fine detail, the most complex images and logos onto our fabricated enclosure.

Digital printing.png
Screen Print.png

Screen printing

Screen printing is the technique of printing; separate colours through a mesh, transfer of ink onto areas of a substrate impermeable by a blocking stencil.  This process is most cost effective when your artwork includes blocks of colour and 1 or 2 colours.  While the setup cost includes the permanent screen, the unit costs can be lower than digital printing.  This process is ideally suited for bold logos, branding and labelling.


Engraving is the practice of incising a design onto your enclosure, taken from an initial image or text font, CAM programmed and CNC milled into the plastic.  While the machining time will add to your unit’s costs and be dependent on the level of detail, the price effective setup cost is incorporated into your enclosure’s CAD-CAM development.  As a permanent feature cut into the material, this process is ideal for harsh environments.


Labels and Stickers

Whether its logos, warning stickers, product labels or any information/detail you need applying cost effectively, this can be done via our design and manufacturing service. Machined recesses in your enclosures sized to match for your labels ease locating for fitting and resists edges peeling off during product use.  As part of this service, we also offer double sided cut profiles, for adhering fascia panels or plastic inlays.